Odoo ERP opensource for project management of engineers and engineering companies

The  Project Management  (  PM  ) enables  engineers     and   engineeringcompanies  have a clear framework, guidelines and operating procedures to help them guide the management of the daily life of each project although each  project have  totally different approaches. Likewise, establishing procedures gives coherence and consistency to the whole, which adds confidence and organizational capacity to the team. One thing leads to the other, if project management is executed in a consistent manner it will improve the results which will be a key factor for professional improvement, increasing the opportunities of the individuals involved, the team and the company. Although it is not the main objective of  project  management, risk assessment becomes a component intrinsically linked to the result, because a well-managed project will show - even without looking for it - the deficiencies, weaknesses and risks to which the project is exposed according to the potential paths that can be traveled. And as you know, risks can only be mitigated if they are known to their full potential. For these reasons, good project  management software  is an essential tool for  engineering projects

Stages in the development of an engineering project

In a very generic way we can define four stages in the development of an engineering project:

1.  Start of the project  : The start consists of a series of activities aimed at achieving an efficient start-up of the project and establishing all the internal and logistical aspects necessary for its execution. During this phase the procedure or rules of execution and the model of relationship with the client for the development of the project are established, identifying the people, key resources, direction of the same and of the participating areas.

2.  Planning  : During the Planning phase, the tasks to be performed (scope), when they will be carried out (time), the expenses and the milestones (deliverables or  deliverables  ) that will be obtained as a result of the development of each of them will be established. the Homeworks. During the life cycle of the project, the planning is revised and adjusted.

3.  Monitoring and Control  : During this stage, the execution of the tasks is monitored to ensure the successful fulfillment of the objectives established in relation to quality, cost and time. Corrective actions are implemented when the execution of the project deviates significantly from planning.

4. Completion or closure : In this stage, the necessary activities are implemented to formalize the acceptance of the product or service developed. Once the project is finished, the resources used are released, so that they can be awarded to a new project. 

Odoo for project management a brief overview